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The GYM Way

The GYM Way is designed to simply the task of coaching and programming for everyone you work with. Through the assessment process we will eliminate anything that gets in the way of progress. We will highlight strengths and focus on our weaknesses. No two humans are exactly alike and we should not treat them as if they are. We will discuss and consider all variables involved and open up all possibilities we can implement to help our clients achieve success. The purpose of training is to train with purpose. Our jobs as coaches is to educate and help everyone we work with find success in health, fitness, and life.

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Referenten The GYM Way


  • Training Patterns a progressive approach from the ground up
  • What do we look for from a movement standpoint?
  • How much mobility is really needed?
  • How do we make the right decisions on what we see?
  • Program Design
  • Goals and Needs in a realistic long term setting
  • Training patterns instead of pushing exercises


  • Prep - Prime - Recover
  • Day to day movement needs
  • Morning Practice
  • Pre Training Needs
  • Post Training Needs
  • Evening Practice

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  • Early Bird:
    279,00 EUR

    (buchbar bis 6 Wochen vor der Veranstaltung)
  • Regulärer Preis: 299,00 EUR


All Functional Training Enthusiasts!

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Kurstermin Kursort Preis Einzelanmeldung
07.04.2018 München (München - tba) 279,00 EUR
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