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FCS - Fundamental Capacity Screen

Join our founders for an exclusive at Perform Better Eu certification seminar, the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS).  Explore the four fundamental forms of movement energy expression and analyze how they interact with each other and an individual’s environment. Creating durable performers in sport, work and recreation is the ultimate goal for coaches, trainers and healthcare professionals. The FCS allows you to create sustainable movement fitness and movement health for your clients and athletes.

For over 20 years, the Functional Movement Systems mission has been to create a movement-based entry point for the exercise program design process.  That entry point is the Functional Movement Screen. The Fundamental Capacity Screen is a continuation of that systematic and logical approach. In this workshop you will: explore Movement Control, Postural Control, Explosive Control and Impact Control, consider their vital importance within human development and reflect on the philosophy behind developing safe, body relative screens to measure them.

* To attend FCS, FMS Level 1 is required.

You want to attend and you have not attended the FMS Level 1? Book our special offer of a Combo FMS 1 (german language) and FCS. Choose your date FMS 1 from our education and contact our customer service (seminare@perform-better.de).

The certification seminar is held in English language and starts at 28th of September by 8.30 am and ends on September 29th at 1.30 pm.


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Referenten FCS - Fundamental Capacity Screen


  • Identify the criteria and use for each part of the Functional Movement System:  Functional Movement Screen, Selective Functional Movement Assessment, Y-Balance Test, and Fundamental Capacity Screen
  • Explain the history and development of the Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)
  • Summarize the four elemental expressions of energy within movement capacit


  • Explain the difference between movement dysfunction and movement deficiency
  • Perform a Fundamental Capacity Screen
  • Analyze screen results to correctly apply corrective and conditioning strategies

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  • Manual to internalize the workshop content
  • Certificate


  • 2 Tage


  • Early Bird:
    499,00 EUR

    (buchbar bis 6 Wochen vor der Veranstaltung)
  • Regulärer Preis: 599,00 EUR


Performance Trainer, Personal trainer, Sports scientists, Athletics coaches, Fitness trainer, Sports physicians.

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28.09.2018 - 29.09.2018 Brühl (BTV Sportpark Badorf) 599,00 EUR
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